“Providing Support When You Need a Hand”

Essential Oils

We use essential oils with our cleaning service to make your home smell and feel refreshed.

Cleaning Services

Everybody has a different idea of what “clean” is. We are professionals and take pride in being very detailed to provide you with the best possible outcome.


Something that makes cleaning much more fun!

Maid Services

Whether you simply need to catch up on the laundry or watering plants, our maid service is here to help tick some to-dos off your list.

For New Customers

Get your first hour of organizing service FREE

Organizing Services

We help you stay organized so you can stay focused on what matters in your life.

Selling Your Home?

Get your home ready for professional photos before listing!

Decorating Services

Planning a party? We can help with everything from the shopping to the setup and even the take down. Let go of the stress and hire a helping hand.

Mellissa Bee Okay Services

My strong desire to nurture and care for others, has defined me for as long as I can remember. My clients, enjoy the unique benefit of my accommodating schedule, my undivided attention and that I am trustworthy. where-ever and whenever their need arises. I was born into this role and LOVE it every step of the way. It is my honour and pleasure to support you and be by your side!

Owner and Operator: Melissa Wilson

Phone: 1-250-681-3276