Residential Cleaning Services

What cleaning supplies do I need to provide?

Cleaning supplies that you need provide on a day of our visit:

  • Vacuum cleaner, mop, sponges, rags and cloths, bathroom cleaner, glass and windows cleaner, floor cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, stainless steel cleaner.

How do I pay for my cleaning?

Simply leave cash or a cheque in a designated area on the day of visit. The Cleaner will take it when they are done cleaning. We also accept e-mail money transfer but please ask for details before sending.

Do you provide the receipts/invoices?

Yes, you can get an electronic receipt/invoice on a next day after cleaning. We send the receipts only by customer’s request, i.e. we need to know customer’s e-mail address and all necessary information.

How many employees will come to my house?

Depending on the job and size of your space, we either send one or a team of two cleaning staff to get the job done well.

How often can I have my home cleaned?

Usually our clients prefer to have their homes cleaned either weekly or bi-weekly to be able to avoid long detailed cleans. However, if you would prefer a monthly clean for now, please discuss if this is an option with our staff and we will do what we can to meet your needs.

Do I need to be home?

It’s not necessary. In fact, most of our customers are not. We keep a copy of your key and the alarm code.

I’ve got a pet – are you ok with that?

Sure, we can handle pets. Please, understand that we do not take the responsibility for your pets while we do cleaning (feeding, walking etc.)

If the pet is of an aggressive or uncertain nature please inform our staff in advance or make arrangements to have your pet out of the way of the cleaners for a short time.

Will the first cleaning take longer?

The first cleaning or an occasional cleaning will take longer so that our cleaning staff can give your home that deep cleaning it needs and then we can upkeep everything as need be.

The client understands that the price he/she has been quoted does not include anything apart from house cleaning. If any estimates of how long it will take our housekeeper to do the job required are being provided that is only an estimate based on the average time it takes to clean a home of similar size to the customer’s, it’s been difficult to estimate precisely how long such tasks may take and that a degree of flexibility may be required.

What time are we open?

We are available to provide our services between 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Saturday and you will be scheduled during this time.

There may be an exception to Commercial, Pre and Post Construction, Move-In and Move-Out cleans and Vacation Property Management.

Should I provide a list of tasks for the cleaning staff?

Our customers agree to provide a list of tasks and all cleaning materials and equipment needed for the required work. All cleaning equipment should be safe and in full working order.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Do you move items on our work spaces to clean?

We will do our best to give warning before we do our clean and if we can arrange a consistent schedule then this works best for everyone to plan accordingly. If you can communicate these dates and times to your staff to prepare them for our cleaning then they can put all important and valuable items away and we will wash and disinfect any surface we can get to and put all paperwork and items back nicely.

Do you provide your own vacuum, mop and supplies?

It is much easier for our team if you can have these supplies ready for us to do our job. If you can store them in a supply closet or put cleaning products under the sink we will be sure to let you know when supplies are running low. If it is easier for you we can also purchase the products add to your next invoice.

How often can you provide us with your services?

Please let us know how often you are looking to have your work space cleaned and if it is during daytime, evening or weekend hours and we will do our best to assign the appropriate staff and to meet your needs.

Do we need to let you in?

If you can please provide us with 2 sets of keys, door codes or alarm codes we will be sure that everything is safe and secure when we leave.
If you can also please inform us of where to park, where to dispose of garbage and recycling, inform any security of the times our team will be working and passing on a contacts cell phone number in case of emergency that would be greatly appreciated as well.

Can we be working in the office while you clean?

Our team works best with having a routine and that also results in having us meet our allotted time requirements. We would prefer to have fewer interruptions but we also understand that every team has some over achievers so we would be happy to work around you once and a while. If you can let us know in advance so we don’t alarm one another that would be greatly appreciated.

Have your team members had a criminal record check?

All of our team members are required to have a criminal record check and would be happy to also sign any non-disclosure agreements for your privacy.

Post-Construction & Renovation Cleanup

What do we do to prepare for your team’s arrival?

Typically we take care of the finer detailed cleaning to ensure the person moving in is very pleased with everyone’s work. Please clean up any loose garbage and get rid of it prior to our arrival. This way we can focus on what is important.

Do you need access to a dumpster?

Even if majority of garbage has been collected please leave us access to the garbage bins. We are good at our job and tend to find all kinds of forgotten about items.

Do you provide all equipment and supplies?

We have a shop vac and ladder but depending on the scale of the job you may need to supply specific products or equipment. Please discuss in advance. We want to make sure the new counters, paint and floors are treated properly and get them shining.

Will you provide cleaning service throughout our renovation?

Absolutely. It’s not easy living in a renovation and they tend to drag on so having a clean and healthy space is recommended for your sanity. Not only will cleaning keep the dust down and be a lot less work at the end when all you want to do is get settled again.

How much time do you need before people can move in?

We understand that people are anxious to settle into their new home, however we need a decent amount of time to do a good job and these kinds of jobs require a lot of attention to detail and we want you to be happy. Please contact us to discuss your time-frame.

Is there anything you don’t do for post-construction & renovation cleanup?

Our staff have the right to refuse cleaning, using product or using equipment that they see as unsafe. Please let us know if anything is to be left alone and we will let you know if we find anything that still needs repair.

Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning Services

Do you offer assistance in decluttering?

It is much easier to move less. If you’d like to get rid of a few items or perhaps you are downsizing we would be happy to support you with any decluttering.

Would you help us with our packing?

Packing is a big job and we happen to be good at it. We ask that you communicate with us and work out a plan as well as provide the moving boxes and supplies and we will get to work.

Can you help us to downsize?

Time to minimize and simplify.Letting go of all those memories isn’t an easy task and we would happily support you in downsizing.

Do you do dump or thrift runs?

We can help you prepare items for your dump run and depending on how much you are letting go will determine if we can help you with the job or if we should be making a recommendation to someone else that will take good care of you.

How much time do you need?

This all depends of the scale of the job. Often times we don’t realize how much work there is until we get right into it. We can always give you a rough estimate and then communicate as we go.

Do you provide your own supplies?

When moving you don’t often have your own supplies so we always bring ours. If you have something specific you’d like us to use then please leave it for us and let us know.

Do you offer home staging services?

We sure do. We are not a home staging business but we are excellent at using your own furniture to create a space and a feel that is enticing for the new buyers.

Would you help us prepare for our MLS photos?

The MLS photos are your first impression. Our fresh sets of eyes and attention to detail will help sell your home with some deep cleaning and home staging.

Can we call you last minute if we have a showing?

Sometimes last minute is the name of this game. If we can fit you in we would be happy to help you get your home sold.

Do you offer window and blind cleaning services?

Within reason. If it is a larger job we have amazing contacts that have all the right tools so we can focus on the other jobs that are important.

Do you do any yard cleanup, pressure washing or snow removal?

We don’t mind some quick cleanup but for the larger jobs we have some fantastic contacts within the community that will take good care of you.

Do you know of somewhere we can rent while we are building?

We do know a lot of people and would be happy to give you some suggestions.

Do you know anyone that can help us do maintenance, repairs or renovations?

We have some fantastic contacts within the community that will take good care of you.

Do you know a good appraiser, home inspector, realtor, mortgage broker, lawyer, moving company or junk removal company?

The BEST!! PLease do get in touch and we would be happy to point out in the right direction and you will be well looked after.

Vacation Rental Services

Do you offer a consultation for vacation rental owners?

Owning a Vacation Rental property is an investment and therefore should be run like a business. To get the best return on your investment it is important to be organized and have the best systems in place to ensure your cleaning staff, clients and owners are all happy. We would be happy to offer you a consultation to ensure you have all the supplies and staff necessary to maintain the upkeep of your rental property.

Do you provide hot tub and pool maintenance?

We would be happy to find you someone reliable that does.

Do you provide snow removal & yard maintenance?

We would be happy to find you someone reliable that does.

Who looks after the garbage and recycling?

Please include a manual for your guests and have them take out to the garbage and recycling bins when they leave.

Would you provide general maintenance?

We can help with basic repairs such as light bulbs and batteries but for everything else we would be happy to find you someone reliable that does and put you on touch.

How do we pay for cleaning services?

All of our vacation rental clients are provided with an electronic invoice and can pay by e-transfer.

How do we advertise to rent out our property?

This may be something we can discuss in more detail but you can find out more through the following sites:

  • Air BnB
  • VRBO
  • Flipkey

How do we know what is fair market value for rental pricing?

Look around at other properties similar to yours within the Okanagan and we would also be happy to consult with you. Here are some options to look more into:

  • Air BnB
  • VRBO
  • Flipkey

What do we do in the off season?

Some people live in it during the off season or rent it out until things pick up again. Holidays are of course busy but sometimes it is better to have some consistent income if you have short term renters or students stay for a reasonable price. This of course depends on many variables as well. Please feel free to call us to discuss in more detail.

Maid Services

What kind of services do you provide as maid services?

  • Washing and Folding Laundry
  • Tidying
  • Making Beds

What services do you not provide as a maid?

  • Walking animals (sorry we love pets but this is beyond our scope)
  • We have to rights to refuse any service that is dangerous or inappropriate
  • As much as we understand the importance of companionship we are not being paid to be your friend. Sorry it’s not that we don’t care.

Organizing Services

What kind of projects do you organize?

Everything from your crawl space to your attic. If you need some systems put in place for your cupboards, drawers, pantry, boot room, filing cabinet, garage … you name it and we will organize it.

Do you offer a consultation?

We do offer a consultation either over the phone or in person. There will be a consultation based on the scale of the project(s). However, it is always helpful to work with you on these kinds of projects and we will consult and support you as we move along.

How or where do we start?

Usually we discuss what you would like to have done. What your vision and goals are. What your time-frame and budget are. Then we make a list of priorities. We understand that change is stressful and these situations are sensitive and often emotional. We ask that you prepare yourself mentally as much as you can for change and we will walk you through the rest.

What do you do with the stuff I get rid of?

If you would like to donate it we ask that you think about who you would like to donate to. If you can make arrangements that would be fantastic or for a fee we can take some items for you. We can also show you different online options.

If I want to make some money back on items I am ready to let go of would you help me?

Of course we would. We can help you prepare for a garage sale or list items online.

What do I need for supplies to get this project underway?

Depending on the project you may need some garbage bags, ziplocks, boxes, tissue or wrapping paper or a dumpster. This will all be discussed in your consultation.

How do I pay you?

We accept cash, cheque or e-transfer as payment. If you need an invoice we would be happy to provide one electronically as well.

Concierge Services

What is a concierge service & how does it work?

We understand that there aren’t enough hours in a day. We are offering some basic concierge services to try to make your life a little more manageable. This would include running some basic errands on the way to your house. Picking up a few groceries, items for the house or that dry cleaning order you forgot about.

How would you help me prepare for company

Preparing for company’s arrival can be stressful and a lot of work. We would be happy to help you knock a few extras off your check list to free up some time.

Do you help me buy groceries?

Ordering groceries online and having them deliver is probably your easiest option but we can help you get set up with this and pick up a few extra items on the way.

What kind of errands do you help me run?

Everybody’s to do list and errands vary so we ask that you contact us first to discuss and if we can make it work for you we would be happy to help.

What area of town do you work within?

We will run errands within 15-20 mins drive time of your home. We ask that you please let us know by email or text at least 24hrs in advance so we can make proper arrangements.

Decorating Services

Do you offer a consultation service?

Absolutely. It helps us to have an idea of what your vision and timeline are and see how we can work together.

Can you help me make my to do list so I don’t forget anything?

We would love to. Two or more people thinking of all the details to plan the best possible space is a brilliant idea. Let’s brainstorm.

How can you help me with my holiday decorating?

We can help you with the concept and get our creative juices flowing. We can help you create a list and help you to collect the items you need to decorate or we can take care of it all and do the decorating for you. No fuss no muss!

Would you help me plan for a business function?

Business functions are fun. Really we just love to decorate so you tell us what you have in mind and let’s collaborate.

Would you help me purchase and pick up items?

We are all about making your life as stress free as possible, however we have to make sure a to do list and how we purchase items needs to be discussed in advance. Then we can plan accordingly.