Feeling like you’re losing your grip on life a bit? Need some help finding more efficient ways to do things? Or maybe you’re just spending to much time trying to find things. We can help you with that! Not only are we those strange people that like to organize everything, we are good at it. We would love to help you develop some systems that work, create a filing system or dive into those rooms that you just chuck everything into and say you’ll get to it one day. Well maybe today is that day. Let us help you scratch your home organizational projects off your to do list once and for all!

Bee OK Services – Providing support when you need a hand.

$32 Per Hour, Per Person +GST

What We Do

  • Developing Systems
  • Thrift Run
  • Dump Run
  • List Items to Sell


Feeling like everything is piling up and is too much?!?
To much stuff. Too much stress. Too many tasks. Not enough time.

Letting go is not an easy process and it is usually much easier for us to support you because we aren’t having to get rid of any of our special items ourselves. We understand that these items have memories and tell stories. We will help you take a stroll down memory lane and determine if those items are to keep or to let go. We will help you to declutter your space and your life, to help you prioritize and transition into your next chapter in life.

Bee OK Services – Providing support when you need a hand.

$35 Per Hour Per Person +GST (plus dump fees)

  • Thrift Run
  • Dump Run
  • List items to sell
  • Packing

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**3 Hour Minimum For All Services